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Intercounty Frequently Asked Questions

For those of you not familiar with InterCounty soccer, here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  What is InterCounty Soccer?

A:  InterCounty Soccer is run by the Summit Recreation Department (not Summit Soccer Club).  It is a way to play recreational soccer against teams from neighboring towns.  


Q:  What age groups are available in the Fall?

A:  We field teams from U9 through U14. 


Q:  Is soccer offered in the Spring?

A:  There is no InterCounty Soccer in the Spring.


Q:  How do you try out for an InterCounty team?

A:  There are no tryouts!  Everyone who registers on a timely basis is placed on a team.


Q:  How much of a commitment does it take to play InterCounty?

A:  Generally there is one game on Saturdays and one practice during the week.


Q: Exactly when will practices and games be held? Will they conflict with other sports and activities?
A:  This question is often asked and there is no way to provide specifics before the season starts.  Practices will be scheduled by each team for one afternoon each week after school.  Sessions generally start at 6:30pm and last for  90 minutes. 


Q:  Isn’t there a lot of travel associated with InterCounty?

A:  There is very little travel.  Half your games are played at home and the other half are played in nearby towns such as Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains, Mountainside, New Providence, etc.


Q:  Is the league very competitive?

A:  As with in-town, there are varying degrees of team strength.  Divisions are divided whenever possible to allow for stronger and weaker sub-divisions.  There will be teams from some towns that are very strong but generally the games are quite competitive.



If you enjoy the fun and excitement of soccer but do not have the time commitment to play Travel Soccer, then InterCounty Soccer is the answer for you.  It combines the best of both worlds---recreational and travel soccer---by allowing you to participate in a more relaxed, less intensive, less committed environment while still enjoying the excitement and challenge of playing teams from other towns!  It is basically "travel-lite" for soccer.