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How to Add Your Game Times/Field Locations to the MNJ Website
Go to http://www.mnjysa.org
Username summ73
Password 1789

On left hand side you will see Assign Field and Time to games.

Enter your game times and fields
***you must put a space between the time and AM or PM
***al times must be HH:MM so 3:30 needs to be entered as 03:30 PM

You do not have to enter the game times on the MNJ Website but it does help your opponents know game times. The downside of this is if you change your game time you need to remember to change it both on the SSC Website and on the MNJ Website.

The username and password will also be how you enter Results during the Fall Season.

Finding Opponents Contact Information
You do not need to be logged in for this function.

    Top of website go to People Search.
    Click Team Contact (I have found this the easist way to find coaches)
     Choose your Flight and get all contacts for teams in your flight at one time

It is your responsibility to contact opponents the Tuesday before each game to confirm game time and location. We suggest to just send one email out now to all teams with game dates/times so that you can check that responsiblity off your list for the season. Included with this email I ask  coaches to please email me the away game times for the season.