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EDP League Information
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EDP Team Managers have two sets of player passes and rosters in team packets, US Club Soccer and NJYSA. Please bring both sets of passes and rosters to every game. Present the passes based on the game type (US Club cards for regular games, NJYSA cards for CJYSA games and Commissioner Cup games).
You have two types of EDP games on your EDP schedule: regular EDP games and CJYSA games. CJYSA games are labeled as such on EDP schedule. You need to print game cards for CJYSA games from CJYSA schedule (they will have NJYS player IDs on them matching NJYS player passes) and show NJYS player passes. For the rest of the EDP games you print game cards from the EDP schedule and show US Club cards. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, THE REFS WILL NOT OFFICIATE THE GAME IF YOU HAVE WRONG GAME CARD OR PASSCARDS.
Game Day Procedures:

Each team is responsible for bringing the following to all games:
1. Official Roster and Player Passes (bring both US Club and NJYSA, and present appropriate passes as explained above).
2. Appropriate Game Card (printed from GotSoccer – from EDP schedule or CJYSA schedule as explained above)
 *Referee are responsible for submitting the game card via GotSoccer after the game
3. Referee Fees - posted on game card-teams split fees.
Please bring all player medical releases for both NJYSA and US Club Soccer to every game just in case.
Printing game card
To download game card PDF for printing, click on the game # in the schedule to the left of the game date (EDP schedule for regular EDP games and CJYSA schedule for CJYSA games). Do not print CJYSA game card from EDP schedule – it will have wrong player IDs. Only print CJYSA game card from CJYSA schedule.
Referee Fees
U13-U14: $80 Center; $40 ARs. Each team pays $80 for team three refs (less if less refs)
U11-U12: $70 Center; $35 ARs.  Each team pays $70 for team three refs (less if less refs)
Reporting Scores:
Both home & away teams are responsible for submitting the game score.  Game scores must be submitted by midnight of the play date; scores can be submitted through GotSoccer or by phone.  All of the information for calling in the score can be found on the game card.

*If a score is posted please verify it is accurate.

 GotSoccer Score Reporting: https://www.gotsport.com/events/scoring/ and entering the codes below:

EDP Event ID: 59881
Pin #: 6655
*Info is on the Game Card as well
For CJYSA games please report the score twice, first on EDP schedule and then on CJYSA schedule: CJYSA – ID: 59890; Pin: 6655 (For games labeled CJYSA)

*If you get an error message it means your opponent has reported the score already so please check the public view of the game to confirm the score is accurate.