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EDP League Information
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Game Day Procedures:

Each team is responsible for bringing the following to all games:
1. Official Roster and Player Passes 
2. Appropriate Game Card (printed from GotSoccer – from EDP or EDP Futures schedule )
3. Referee Fees - posted on game card - teams split fees.
Please bring all player medical releases to every game just in case.
Printing game card
To download game card PDF for printing, click on the game # in the schedule to the left of the game date. 
Referee Fees
U15-U16: $80 Center; $40 ARs. Each team pays $80 for team three refs (less if less refs)
U13-U14: $70 Center; $35 ARs. Each team pays $70 for team three refs (less if less refs)
U11-U12: $60 Center; $30 ARs. Each team pays $60 for team three refs (less if less refs)
U9-U10: $60 Center (if one ref). Each team pays $30 for one ref. 
U9-U10: $60 Center, $30 Assistant Referees when utilized, at the cost of the home team only
If a three-referee system is used rather than the preferred one-ref system, the home team pays $90 and visiting team pays $30

Reporting Scores:
Both home & away teams are responsible for submitting the game score.  Game scores must be submitted by midnight of the play date; scores can be submitted through GotSoccer or by phone.  All of the information for calling in the score can be found on the game card.

*If a score is posted please verify it is accurate.

 GotSoccer Score Reporting: https://www.gotsport.com/events/scoring/ and entering the codes below:

EDP League 2018-2019                   EDP Futures 2018-2019     

EVENT ID: 67069                             EVENT ID: 67125
EVENT PIN: 6655                             EVENT PIN: 6655

*Info is on the Game Card as well
*If you get an error message it means your opponent has reported the score already so please check the public view of the game to confirm the score is accurate.