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Session Starts : Sept 8th to Nov 17th

(Sept 8,15,22,29, Oct 6,13,20,27, Nov 3,10,17)

Games start : Sept 16th to Nov 18th

(Sept: 16,23,30 Oct 7,14,21,28 Nov: 4,11,18 )


SUMMIT SC U7 Academy (2011)


PRACTICE Fridays U7 (2011) Academy (GLENSIDE)

3:45-4:45pm --------U7 Boys

4:45-5:45pm--------U7 Girls


GAMES Saturdays U7 (2011) Academy (MEMORIAL)

12-1pm --------U7 Girls

1-2pm---------U7 Boys 


All practices and games will be held at the same time and place every week.   The program consists of a one-hour and fifteen minute weekday instructional session, led by professional trainers, and a one-hour weekend game led by trainers and parent volunteers.  Games will run for 10 weeks ending in a World Cup tournament. 


The format for Fall 2016 and beyond will be as follows:

  • Practices – all players in each division will train at the same time i.e. 2011 Boys (U7) will all train in one time slot. This allows for "pool training", where players will rotate training groups weekly so they are learning from different trainers and being challenged with players of similar ability on a weekly basis. Players will follow an age appropriate curriculum which teaches them how to play the game whilst having fun. 
  • Games – all players in each division will play games at the same time. Again allowing for pools of players to play games against each other on a weekly basis. Trainers will move players around week to week to ensure games are developmental and players are getting challenged in games. Fall season games will be 4v4, Spring will be 4v4 for half the season then 7v7v to prepare for travel. 
  • Their will be one Academy uniform for all players.


Please note that registration for the program is non-refundable.

For additional questions and to volunteer to Coach, please email Payal Patel at ppate044@hotmail.com