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NEW SSC U8/2009 Supplemental festivals program - OPEN FOR REGISTRATION.

To register your players


Boys: https://usasportgroup.com/component/usg_programs/index.php?option=com_usg_programs&view=program&pid=48338&site=usa


Girls: https://usasportgroup.com/component/usg_programs/index.php?option=com_usg_programs&view=program&pid=48344&site=usa


Once registrations are received, we will be in touch with program specifics such as number of  teams,  scheduling of your festival dates, trainer assignments etc.

Information on the  SSC U8/2009 Supplemental festivals program for Spring 2017. 


This program has been put in place for the spring of 2017 to provide supplemental training and festival game/scrimmage play for the U8/2009 Academy players. This is a great opportunity for players and families who want more training and game experience than the games/practices that the standard Academy season offers.  


For those parents of U8 players who are considering travel soccer in the fall of 2017 for their child, it is recommended to consider enrolling in this new supplemental sessions as not only will it be fun but it will likely better prepare the players for the higher level of skilled play among team in travel leagues.  


All players who wish to enroll must be current academy players in order to take part in this new program. 

We are aiming to have festival teams for both boys and girlsand each team must have a minimum of 12 players (14 maximum per team). We have a limit on the number of children who can participate and we will close registration at 28 boys and 28 girls. All registrations will be on a first come first serve basis. Registration will open some time in January and everyone will be notified atleast 2 weeks prior to it. 


Players will train in addition to academy practices once per week as part of the program and take part in 3-5 festivals on various Saturday mornings against other programs. The festivals are run by EDP as part of their EDP Futures Program (click to view more). 


Additional information is listed below. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to program coordinator Alan McClintock and Payal Patel. 


         Who can enroll: Any player who is signed up for the regular U8/2009 Academy program. 

         Practices: 10 weeks (1x a week) of training Thursdays April 6th - June 15th, At Memorial either 3.30-4.30 or 4.30-5.30 

.Festivals: Teams will play in a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 festivals which will typically be held on Saturday mornings or afternoons. . Players will be expected to play morning festivals and academy games in the afternoon depending on the schedule. Festival locations will be determined once the hosts finalize all teams but locations last fall were in Piscataway, Flanders, Mount Olive and Somerset (30-40 minute drive to each location). Players will be split weekly into small squads to play side by side 5v5 games against other clubs, each team will play four 20 minute games over a 2 hour time slot. Players will rotate in goal. 

         Cost: $250 per player which covers carding, training, festival fee's etc 

         Teams: minimum of 12 players to form a team, maximum of 14 per team. We hope to have 2 teams per age group. 

         Registration: Will be on a first come first serve basis. There will be no tryouts for the program. It will open in January. 

         Uniforms: Regular academy game day t-shirt 

                                                        Training: Training will be led by United Soccer Academy. The lead trainer will be responsible for collecting festival availability, squad rotation, weekly training,  carding, weekly communication and scheduling.