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What is the program: This is a supplemental program which includes additional training and festival play in order to prepare players for travel with competitive scrimmages and training

Who can enroll: Any current SSC 2010 Academy player

Practice Details: 1 training session per week, 10 weeks, Thursdays Sept 7th – Nov 16thBoys 3.30-4.30, Girls 4.30-5.30 (this is in addition to your regular academy Monday practices)

Festival Details: Festivals are typically a 30-40 minute drive from Summit. Last season we played in the Mount Olive Festival League. Girls played 8-10am, Boys played 10.30-1pm. Festivals are in addition to regular academy games. Festivals are 5v5 games against other programs. We aim to have at least 2 festivals in town at the beginning and end of the program this is based on feedback from parents.

Cost: $250 per player which covers carding, training, festival fee's etc

Squads: minimum of 10 players to form a squad, maximum of 16

Uniforms: Regular academy game day t-shirt 

Training: Training will be led by United Soccer Academy. The lead trainer will be responsible for collecting festival availability, squad rotation, weekly training, carding, weekly communication and scheduling


What last year’s parents say about the program – pros and cons:

·         I liked that the Festival team was a great introduction to competitive travel soccer.

·         The Summit players gained good experience through being exposed to other players of differing skill levels and seeing other teams' strategies on the field.

·         It was a really fun experience and the boys seemed to enjoy bonding and coming together as a team. The additional small practice once a week gave them more personalized and focused training as well.

·         I disliked that the schedule made for a very hectic spring.

·         My daughters really enjoyed the program - they liked being on a team with the same girls every week and liked the concept of winning/losing. Although I realize the goal was for it to be non-competitive, they felt the competition in a positive way. We didn’t love the early start or location.

·         I like the coaches a lot!! They are great. I did not like the 8am start time, 30 mins away.

·         It is a great start to experience tournament formats/ travel and I think Fabio did a great job training the girls. I would encourage parents to have girls do this to determine if they are interested in travel.


How to register:

Our training provider will take your registration online – all you need to do is click on this link and follow the online sign up: https://goo.gl/tMKD8R


Kind Regards,

Alan McClintock,

Director of United Soccer Academy,

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