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Team Formation (Revised, March 2017)

Please see the posted tryout schedule for your child’s birth year (Tryout Schedule). SSC, in conjunction with USA Soccer, will again host two independent tryouts for each age group. Tryouts for the 2017-2018 travel teams will take place the weeks of May 1st and May 8th for each birth age group by gender. Each skills assessment session lasts 75, to 90 minutes. All children, those who play for current teams and new to SSC, must attend two sessions. It is important that:

· Players arrive 15 minutes prior to tryout to check in
· All paperwork was submitted to your player's birth year/gender registration captain. If not, please contact Jen Caldwell immediately @
· No SSC apparel is worn
· No parent coaches or SSC parents attend tryouts other than those who've volunteered to chaperon.
· Your child attends both tryouts so we have complete and consistent data from which we form teams. See policy below.

Attendance / Absence Policy:

In order to fully assess and rank all players fairly and objectively, it is critical that all players; new and current, attend both tryout sessions. Excused absences due to injury or illness will be honored with a doctor’s note. Other absences/appeals will be heard by the board.

SSC Trainer Rankings:

Current players of SSC will be evaluated each week by their trainers, along with our Directors of Coaching, Dave Stapleton and Darren Shimwell, throughout the spring season. This allows the trainers to effectively rank each player within their age group, to help with team placement.

Goalie Only policy:

SSC will permit players to try out as goalie only for 9v9 rosters, and up. Please inform Alan McClintock, tryout coordinator or board member chaperoning the tryout that your child would like to try out for goalie. However, it should be noted:

a. All players trying out for goalie will be stack ranked as they will be for field play. All players should also try out as field players. Next year’s team trainers coaching teams 9v9 and up will have the option of selecting goalie only, or a field player, and rotate goalies. b. If the player makes the higher flighted team as a field player as well, he/she is guaranteed the same minimum play time between time in goal, and field play, if desired.

c. If a goalie-only ranking places the player on a team above where he/she would be ranked and placed as a field players, player may still be selected as goalie-only. However he/she would not be entitled to the same minimum field play time if advancing as goalie- only. If the player reconsiders goalie-only status, and would like more field play at a later date, he/she would be moved to the team based on the field composite ranking, and the next alternate could be selected to advance if trainer and parent coach(es) would like to add.

d. Board will entertain appeals pertaining to out-of-town players, younger teams or other circumstances. Special consideration will be given to A teams in these cases.

New Players to SSC:

Players who are new to SSC are invited to join age level practices prior to the tryouts. If you are interested in attending a practice please contact Jenny Fosgate jfosgatessc@gmail.com

Out-of-town Players :

Players who live outside of Summit who wish to play SSC travel soccer, may do so at the discretion of the board depending on roster sizes and current wait list.

New to town/missed tryouts:

If you have relocated to Summit over the summer and have missed tryouts, please contact jfosgatessc@gmail.com to be added to the waitlist.

Jenny Fosgate
Dave Stapleton davestapletonssc@gmail.com Darren Shimwell darrenshimwellssc@gmail.com