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Field Updates

MNJ Teams will begin practices the week of MARCH 5th with games starting Sunday, March 13th.

MCYSA Teams will begin practices the week of MARCH 29th with games starting Sunday, April 3rd.


The finalized practice schedule should be published by the end of February.    However, the days/times will be changed from the Fall as field availability is impacted by other Spring sports. 


There is a nationwide directive from US soccer that will impact how Summit Soccer and all teams across the country will be formed.  NJYSA plans to make the US Soccer changes effective August 2016, this includes the leagues in which SSC plays.  The 2 major changes are as follows: 

  1. Smaller sided games to promote more touches
    1. U9-U10 will play 7 v 7 – roster between 11-13
    2. U11-U12 will play 9 v 9 – roster between 12-14
    3. U13-U14 will play 11 v 11 – roster between 16-18
  2. Team rosters change from a school, to calendar year. This will essentially reset soccer teams for Fall 2016, including new team names and age groups referred to as “2004’s” vs. “U12”, as the "U-" becomes obsolete.  

Our collective objective as SSC volunteers is to maximize participation in the club, promote player development and an overall positive soccer experience for all kids participating.  As always, we will do our best to make responsible decisions and communicate those in a timely fashion toward this end.

As a reminder, we hold monthly meetings that you are welcome to attend and we are always looking for new SSC volunteers to ensure our club continues to succeed.

We realize there are many questions that come with these changes.  We will try to keep parents informed as best we can:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How will the US Soccer Changes impact SSC players?

In short, we start from scratch and form NEW teams, coaches and team names.  Players will be required to try out for the age group based on their birth year vs. school year.  Details surrounding tryouts to follow.

  1. Will this only impact Summit Soccer Club?

No.  This is the equivalent of the US imposing a nationwide 21 year-old drinking age.  It will impact youth soccer everywhere.  As one example, here is another club’s response to these same changes that we thought was informative: Http://lmsc.net/ussoccer-changes-2016.pdf

3. My child was born in 2002 and plays U13 soccer.  Will he be able to play next year?

Yes, however it will be a U15 team. We are currently in discussions with other local clubs about building 2 multi town teams, for both boys and girls. Not only will this give your child the opportunity to play locally, but also it will allow players to play with players of similar ability.

~ ~ ~

We very much appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through details and potential impact to our club and welcome any questions and feedback you may have.   

In the meantime, please know SSC is doing our best to minimize disruption and place as many kids as possible on the right teams once we implement calendar year formation cuts.


by posted 01/24/2016
Registration for U7/U8 Spring Program is OPEN!

Registration for the U7/U8 Academy Spring Program is open!

The U7 program is open to 1st graders.  More information is available on the SSC website at the U7/U8 Academy tab.

The U8 program is open to 2nd graders.  More information is available on the SSC website at the U7/U8 Academy tab.

To register for these programs, click HERE.

by posted 12/06/2015
Baseline Testing for Concussion

Summit Soccer Club strongly encourages all players aged 10 and over to complete baseline testing for concussion.  This free on-line test takes about 30 minutes and ideally should be completed before the soccer season starts. The results are automatically sent to the Centre for Concussion Care at Overlook Hospital.

For more information and instructions on how to complete this test, see the Baseline Testing for Concussion tab on the home page.

by posted 04/01/2015
Glenside Field Parking

Please be aware that the road leading onto Glenside Field (when you pull into the driveway to the right of the handicap parking) is the emergency access road for an ambulance. Under no circumstances should anyone be parking in this area.

Visitors should follow all signage to avoid parking tickets, avoid parking on emergency driveway to field, and carpool whenever possible to reduce congestion due to limited number of parking spaces.
posted 04/03/2012
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